Who We Are

Barlborough Hospital is an unincorporated charity, registered with the Charity Commission (Reg.No: 221552) and is independently managed by volunteer trustees drawn from the local community. Each trustee takes on their role in a personal capacity for a minimum term of five years.

The trustees elect from their number a chairman and a clerk. One Almshouse resident is invited to act as their representative to the trustees.

What We Do

The trustees manage the assets of the charity to assure its future sustainability to fulfill the purposes set out in the founding Deed executed by Margaret and Mary Pole on 11 Oct 1752. The charity undertakes its role financed through income derived from its assets and investments. It receives no grant funding from any other body. No funds are raised or solicited from public subscription.

The trustees offer accommodation to those who meet the criteria first determined by Margaret and Mary Pole in order to gain benefit from the managed bequests. The charity provides an unfurnished home in a maintained building together with some services, for people in need. Residents are Licenced Beneficiaries of the charity.

To get in touch by post:

Barlborough Hospital (Almshouses)
Clerk to The Trustees, 36 Wheatsheaf Way, Clowne S43 4FA.

N.B. Contacts must provide true names as they would appear on a standard UK birth certificate or passport, together with a postal address (to receive an application form). Avatars or fabricated Usernames for use with social media will receive no reply.

To send us a message:

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